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of being the sister of the governor xiao nai, who was behind cen yin, was stunned he thought, except for the emperor, only the younger sister of the governor dared to let the governor wait for the incense stick it s.Okay cen yin, who was wearing a lake blue brocade, smiled slightly, and under the golden light, his beautiful face glowed with a soft smile more than that, xiao neihua even saw a kind of kindness in it secretly did coronavirus locations the governor raise the four.Girls as daughters in addition to cen yin and Harmony Cr the little servant dressed in american furniture classics sofa the little Harmony Cr servant, there is a middle aged tsing yi broker in the back cen yin traveled in casual clothes today, and looked like an ordinary noble son although the.Tsing Harmony Cr yi broker did n t know cen yin Harmony Cr s identity, he could see that the pedestrian was rich or expensive, and described it as very attentive, even waiting a scented kung fu, with a smile on his how to make a no face mask face the sisters drove down the carriage one.After the other and saw cen yin, and duanmu fei looked at the house in front with interest this house is located in the jinli hutong on zhongchen Harmony Cr street, only Harmony Cr 40 to 50 feet away from anping chang princess mansion the location is excellent cen.Yin casually instructed the tsing yi broker to say trouble takes us to see this house yes the tsing yi broker responded in a hurry and reached out for a pleading, this son, two girls, please go here duanmu fei, along with cen yin and duan.Muxun, crossed the high threshold and entered the house from the main entrance as soon as they entered the door, they saw large trees like umbrellas planted on both sides of the courtyard, blocking them from the sunlight above coronavirus us map the broker in.Tsing yi leads the way, and has no time in his mouth he introduces three people, this house is in an excellent location, but zhongchen street is the most central part of the capital in the past, all the hutongs in the past were also home to.Magistrates, such as xingwang mansion, Harmony Cr kangjun mansion, andinghou mansion, all on this street and the two adjacent streets the owner of this house was the wife chang siqing, master li, who ju

st succumbed to his hometown half a month what is 95 ago, has. Left beijing to return home, so the house is sold cheaply, and the furniture inside is well furnished if it were n t for master li who just left beijing, this street on weekdays the house is not easy to buy after entering the gate, on the. Left hand side is the concierge house where the porter lives after the concession house is the stable, and a nasty smell comes out duan muxuan looked at the stable in front and stopped, frowning the broker in tsing yi noticed that duan muxuan. S expression was a bit wrong, and hurriedly said girl, master li s family is in a hurry and did not clean up the stable if the girl is willing to buy it, I ll find someone to clean it up duan muyu after shaking his head, he was about to. Speak, and he heard cen yin s voice ringing in his ears the horse barn is still pushed that s right duan mujing Harmony Cr naturally said my family can not live in such a dilapidated stable in the future, fei pian personel protection equipment will also come here as a guest with her. Sister this stable is not enough duan mufei was also looking at the stable in front, and nodded deeply the stable was too broken, the roof was broken, and the mottled Harmony Cr wall looked shaky, or it was pushed back and rebuilt xiao naiji silently. Wrote down Harmony Cr Harmony Cr and thought the lord lord personally spoke, and masjs he would be smart, and later he would quickly find someone to push the stable, and build another one the four girls will be happy, the four girls will be happy, and the governor will. Be happy the tsing yi broker saw that dash mat amazon they didn t seem to be unhappy because of the broken stable, secretly relieved, and continued to take them around in the house through the vertical flower gate, there is the inner courtyard there are east. And west rooms on both sides the front is the front room there are several small doors around the front room there is also a backyard masks names and Harmony Cr back hood room and a small garden this is a three entry house, not big, but the environment is quite. Quiet and elegant they finally came to a small garden in the northwest corner of the house this Harmony Cr small garden is no

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t yet half the size of duanmufu s garden, but it is also a sparrow although it centres for disease control has all the small organs, it has all kinds of.Pavilions, rockery, pools, flower halls and so on duanmuli s eyes are as bright as the Harmony Cr stars in the night sky, and he said with a smile this house is really good, I am enough to live alone duanmuxiao said, while thinking when the sister.Becomes married, she just moved here to live at that time, duan muheng should also be married, and his future siblings took over this house is close to the princess house, and my sister can come here from time to time for a few days of.Course, cen yin also surgical mask target heard Harmony Cr duan muyu real life face mask s words, and there was a look of surprise on his face he originally thought that this house was duanmu yuan s plan to buy it as a dowry for duanmu fei, but now he knew that duanmu yuan was used to live by.Himself, and still live alone cen yin s long, thick eyelashes shuddered slightly, and an extremely complex emotion flew Harmony Cr across his narrow and long eyes he quietly looked at duan muxuan s eyes slightly, and then suddenly looked away, looking.At the sparkling pond in front, a little golden sunlight Harmony Cr jumped happily on the water, like a piece of broken gold sprinkled yes, ying yin s eyes also shone like shattered gold Harmony Cr duan mufei didn t pay attention to cen yin she looked down at the.Tip of her shoe and sighed faintly in her heart it seems that her sister never considered getting married duanmu fei squeezed her mouth, and it was a little tangled, but think about wuyang, wuyang now lives in the princess s house and is at.Ease if you marry casually, you might as well be alone that s right, she slowly picks up her sister, that is, ning que is not indiscriminate, her sister is so caudalie instant detox mask review good, she must marry a brother who is worthy of her duanmu fei thought, a little.Look like broken heart for my sister duan muxun looked around leisurely, the more satisfied he looked although this Harmony Cr house is a bit old, but only the advantages of this lot can cover all the shortcomings, at most she find someone to repair the.House again thinking of repairing the house,

duan muyuan remembered the hot spring zhuangzi in the suburbs of beijing, and said to cen yin cen gongzi, the hot Harmony Cr spring zhuangzi was repaired last time my sister and I just went to see it not long. Ago I also want to rebuild this house, why do n t you give me another idea to see how this house will be rebuilt cen yin looked at the pond stupefiedly for a while, as if unheard of master cen duan muxuan saw Harmony Cr him not responding, and took a. Step towards him cen yin moved now, turned to smile slightly at her, and yun dan said lightly I just wanted to dig this pond a Harmony Cr little bigger, deeper, Harmony Cr and plant some lotus best face masks to buy on amazon flowers duan muyu smiled and said it s a good idea I can raise more. Carp my sister likes to feed fish the most yes, you can dig lotus root and lotus root in the summer duan mufei also thought it was a good idea and nodded with a smile cen yin and duan muyu returned to the same way while continuing to talk. About changing the house I think this garden is a little bit smaller anyway, the house in this house will Harmony Cr also have a simpler population, and we will simply push the back room into half the garden is bigger also, the outer walls around the. House can be increased cen yin casually said some places Harmony Cr to be repaired, and administration wikipedia duanmuqiao and duanmufei sisters occasionally added some details, Harmony Cr the little inner servants who followed the crowd silently took notes in less than half an hour. Duan muyuan decided to buy the house and gave a decisive deposit duanmu fei was not surprised, he said the elder sister is the elder sister, the speed of shopping is so fast whether it is a disposable face masks at cvs horse party city markham farm, a hot spring, or a house girl, you can. Buy it right the broker in tsing yi nodded and smiled, his eyes Harmony Cr narrowed into slits, he said a lot joy dental design of nice words, and asked duan muqi when he planned to trans