About Fr. Tony

Fr. Anthony Kadavil was ordained priest at 28 in 1967. He secured his master’s degree in Botany in 1969. He started his part time parish ministry as pastor in 1969, continuing it  for 24 years and taught pre-degree, degree and postgraduate students as professor of botany and director of religious education and administrator of students hostels at Berchmans College for 25 years. After retiring from the college in 1993, he served three parishes as full-time pastor in the mission for nine years. In the U. S. he served as chaplain at sacred Heart Residence Nursing Home of the Little sisters of the Poor in 2003-2004 and served St. Paul’s parish in Negaunee in the diocese of Marquette and three parishes, St. Catherine’s, St. Ignatius and St. Mary’s, in the archdiocese of Mobile for eight years. He was appointed pastor at St. John the Baptist church, Grand Bay on February 11, 2011. He retired as pastor at 79 from St. John’s on June 30th, 2018 to become the chaplain of the Sacred Heart Nursing Home of the Little Sisters of the Poor, a second time. He is now a retired priest, incardinated to the archdiocese of Mobile.  

Fr. Tony started his homily ministry (Scriptural Homilies) in 2003 while he was the chaplain at Sacred Heart residence, applying his scientific methodology to the homily ministry. By word of mouth, it spread to hundreds of priests and Deacons, finally reaching   Vatican Radio website (http://www.vaticannews.va/en/church.html) and four other websites including Fr. Nick’s https://www.catholicsermons.com/homilies/sunday_homilies (under CBCI). Besides, these homilies reach nearly 3000 priests and Deacons by direct email every week. Since Fr. Tony is retiring from parish duties, he has started a personal website: https://frtonyshomilies.com/ where he has started putting his Sunday and weekday homilies, RCIA lessons, Faith Formation articles and other useful items for pastors and pastoral assistants. Fr. Tony warmly invites priests and deacons and the public to visit his website and use it for their preaching and teaching ministries. He welcomes your corrections, modifications and suggestions to improve the homilies and articles given in this website.

 Fr. Anthony Kadavil, Chaplain, Sacred Heart Home, 1655 McGill Ave, Mobile, Al 36604.

Fr. Kadavil may be contacted at akadavil@gmail.com.