RCIA Lessons

1 – YouTube URLs (web addresses) for RCIA & Bible classes

(Downloaded collection of 400 videos along with 45,000 pages of all Fr. Tony’s preaching & teaching resources of are available in a 32 GB USB with Fr. Tony for those who have no time to download them. Contact akadavil@gmail.com

2- A Tour of a Catholic Church by Thomas Richstatter

2a- What’s inside a Catholic church

3- Items found and used in a Catholic church- RCIA class-

4- Bible- books, origin, manuscripts, translations (L)

5- Bible books 73 or 66 (L)

6- Bible- its divine inspiration (L)

7- Bible- its interpretation(Revised)

8- Bible-Official Roman Catholic Teachings compiled by Felix Just

9- Why the Scripture alone argument is wrong

10- Apostolic Tradition as a source of Catholic theology (L)

11- Holy Mass- its origin and theology (L)

12- Holy Mass- objectives and benefits

13- Holy Mass- a short account of the structure (L)

13b- Vestments used in liturgy

14- Holy Mass- Active participation in the Holy Mass (L)

15- Sacraments in General (L-12)

16- The sacrament of Baptism (l-12)

17- The Sacrament of Confirmation (L)

18- The sacrament of penance or reconciliation (L)

19- Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist (L)
20- sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick (L)

21 – The sacrament of marriage (L)

22- The Sacrament of Holy Orders (L)

23- The Ten Commandments (L)

24- The six precepts (commandments) of the Church (L)

25- Catholic teaching on prayer (L)

26- Veneration of Mary & Marian dogmas (L)

27- Rosary devotion(L)

28- Catholic Liturgical Year(L)

29- Why Catholics pray for the dead (L)

30- Catholic teaching on the use of statues and images in worship

31- Are Catholics born-again and saved

32- The history of papacy and the role of Pope in the Catholic Church (L)

33-The Apostles Creed & the Nicene Creed (L)

34- Catholic teaching on Divorce (L)

35- Sacramentals in the Catholic Church (L)

36- Justification by faith hope and charity-L

37- Are Catholics born-again and saved

38-Protestant beliefs and 33,000 denominations (L)

38b- RCIA video classes by Fr. Tom Elliott  

(The downloaded videos for 38b are available only in Fr. Tony’s USB)