The lessons given under “Adult Faith Formation Lessons” were prepared for our adult parishioners at St. John Baptist Catholic Church, Grand Bay Al. In the YEAR OF FAITH, they assembled every Sunday before Mass for one hour, for a discussion class on topics concerning the teachings of the Catholic Church.  These four-page lessons are prepared for a one-hour class. The websites given after each topic will give you additional information as they are prepared by experts. You need only to “copy & paste” them individually under Google Search to get the full article.We covered 56 topics during the course of this Year of Faith.  You will find may of these 56 topics useful for RCIA classes as well. Lessons 57- 129 are introduction to the 73 books of the Bible, ideal for Bible classes.  Your suggestions for improvement and corrections are welcome. New lessons will be sent along with my “Scriptural homilies” and uploaded in our parish website: I send them as email to 70% of our parishioners with email address, every Sunday, along with a full text of my Sunday homilies. You may also visit the “Question of the Week” uploaded in our website. It is meant for parish bulletins. Fr. Tony. ( 

YouTube video-lessons for kids, the youth, RCIA & the adults (All these video classes and many others (a total of 400) are downloaded and copied in Fr. Tony’s 32 GB USB (“Teaching & Preaching Resources in 40,000 pages & 400 videos). Copies may be made and supplied on request).

((The easiest method  to visit these videos is to copy and paste the web address or URL of the video on the Address bar of any Internet website like Google, MSN etc., and press the Enter button of your Keyboard).

1)  The seven sacraments: “101 sacraments” – Busted Halos series ( great presentation

7 videos: 

Sacraments in general (Downloaded and kept in another USB)

1) USCCB: Sacraments:  

2) Videos: Dynamic Catholic: Sacraments:

3) Karlo Broussard: Catholic & Biblical part I:

4) Karlo Broussard: Catholic & Biblical part II:

1) Baptism 1) (Fr. Dave Dwyer C.S.P). 2) Bishop Barron: 3) Fr. Thomas Scirghi: 

2) Confirmation 1. (Fr. Dave Dwyer C.S.P).:

 2. Bishop Barron: 3) Theology:  4) Bishop Don Hying, Milwaukee:; 5) The ceremony: Archdiocese of Brisbane:; 6) History(diagrammatic):  & 7) Bishop of Honolulu:  

3) Anointing of the sick:

4) Sacrament of penance: 6 videos

1 &2 & 3 Fr. Dave Dyer:



4) Fr. Barron on confession (Why confess to a priest?)

5) Confessing Sins to a Priest – A Biblical Defense:

6)Four reasons why we confess to a priest: By Ken Yasinski:

7) Why and How to make confession? Step by step  &

5) The Holy Eucharist:  A) Holy Eucharist as Sacrament:

1) (Fr. Steven Bell, CSP)

2) (Bishop. Barron) i)

 3) USCCB by Msgr. Zenz: 

B) Eucharist as sacrifice: by Bishop Barron

      C) Eucharist as Real presence: Bishop Barron:

Further lessons on Real Presence (Dona Cori Gibson)

D) How to receive Holy Communion:

E) Holy Mass explained:

  1. Catholic Mass explained (Fr. Jamie Utronkie)
  2. A video guide to Holy Mass (Catholic diocese of Chicago)
  3. Teaching the Mass
  4. What is the Mass by Bishop Barron:

F) Active participation in the Mass




6) Sacrament of Matrimony: a

1- Fr. Dave Dwyer CSP:

2- Bishop Barron:

3- Msgr. John Kasza:

      4- Msgr. John Zenc (USCCB):

7) Sacrament of Holy Orders:

1) Fr. Dwyer (Sacraments 101):


3) Msgr. John Zenz (USCCB):

4) Fr. John Williamson:

Prayer for the Year of Faith

Lord Jesus Christ, you have given your Church
the mission to proclaim the Gospel to all nations.
May our efforts to fulfil this mission be guided by the Holy Spirit
so that we might be a leaven of new life, salt of the earth,
and a light of the world – worthy missionaries and faithful to you.
Make us valiant witnesses to the Faith of the Church,
and inspire us to speak the truth with love.

Help us to communicate to others the joy that we have received
Allow us to be united but not closed; humble, but not fearful;
simple but not naïve; thoughtful but not overbearing;
contemporary but not superficial,
respectful of others, but boldly your disciples.

May we bear into the world the hope of God,
which is Christ the Lord, who rose from the dead
and lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit,
one God forever and ever. Amen.