1 – YouTube Addresses for RCIA & Bible Classes

YouTube video-lessons for RCIA, CCD, the youth, & the adults

On Sacraments (Videos on other topics are given as the last in the “Question of the week.”

(All these video classes and many others (a total of 400) are downloaded and copied in Fr. Tony’s 32 GB USB (“Teaching & Preaching Resources in 40,000 pages & 400 videos). Copies may be made and supplied or request).

((The easiest method  to visit these videos is to copy and paste the web address or URL of the video on the Address bar of any Internet website like Google, MSN etc., and press the Enter button of your Keyboard).

1)  The seven sacraments: “101 sacraments” – Busted Halos series (http://bustedhalo.com/) great presentation

7 videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL60396574E0A0B9A2 

Sacraments in general (Downloaded and kept in another USB)

1) USCCB: Sacraments:  https://youtu.be/0Dp-xLQpxC0  

2) Videos: Dynamic Catholic: Sacraments: https://youtu.be/-xU77dXiszk

3) Karlo Broussard: Catholic & Biblical part I:  https://youtu.be/lUgmmjFtDtA

4) Karlo Broussard: Catholic & Biblical part II:  https://youtu.be/SaQ74wh2lCU

1) Baptism 1) (Fr. Dave Dwyer C.S.P). https://youtu.be/05YB2jdHLsY 2) Bishop Barron: https://youtu.be/fV8uu9-sYSk 3) Fr. Thomas Scirghi: https://youtu.be/tibmY4R3TJw 

2) Confirmation 1. (Fr. Dave Dwyer C.S.P).: https://youtu.be/Qt32SyDWuW8

 2. Bishop Barron: https://youtu.be/f-UuMAU7qT0 3) Theology: https://youtu.be/avIcgVpMbSE  4) Bishop Don Hying, Milwaukee: https://youtu.be/Wro4cjCR89U; 5) The ceremony: Archdiocese of Brisbane: https://youtu.be/sFo-9H-lZlk; 6) History(diagrammatic): https://youtu.be/KavMd4fKQkk  &https://youtu.be/SxDV9voZW64 7) Bishop of Honolulu: https://youtu.be/BzCKs7IdMKw  

3) Anointing of the sick: https://youtu.be/hEppjWNO2y4

4) Sacrament of penance: 6 videos

1 &2 & 3 Fr. Dave Dyer:  https://youtu.be/Wz5-vu6A58E

3) https://youtu.be/f9ky_wzeo4o


4) Fr. Barron on confession (Why confess to a priest?)

5) Confessing Sins to a Priest – A Biblical Defense: https://youtu.be/Tm5tMjfQnCk

6)Four reasons why we confess to a priest: By Ken Yasinski: https://youtu.be/nIAhOvcD9ng

7) Why and How to make confession? Step by step

https://youtu.be/9DGRXfbFAuY  & https://youtu.be/J4a5TA5C9Ts

5) The Holy Eucharist:  A) Holy Eucharist as Sacrament:

1) (Fr. Steven Bell, CSP)   https://youtu.be/TMSiHGTBdGk

2) (Bishop. Barron) i) https://youtu.be/PFsFv-TWVfY

 3) USCCB by Msgr. Zenz: https://youtu.be/10RVv4vGan8 

B) Eucharist as sacrifice: by Bishop Barron

      C) Eucharist as Real presence: Bishop Barron: https://youtu.be/sgy_TFeIyiM

Further lessons on Real Presence (Dona Cori Gibson) https://youtu.be/A-H7N6xLBiE

D) How to receive Holy Communion: https://youtu.be/qdGkTdv4Dt4

E) Holy Mass explained:

  1. ) https://youtu.be/wm7SguxPsN4
  2. https://youtu.be/co0qalRkEJs
  3.  https://youtu.be/H5nzAxPY0Wo
  4. https://youtu.be/pIGXtDR2GCk

F) Active participation in the Mass

1- https://youtu.be/4TStUfzAWyA

2- https://youtu.be/oCZOi65dBCQ

3- https://youtu.be/YfeWjze3GVY

6) Sacrament of Matrimony: a

1- Fr. Dave Dwyer CSP: https://youtu.be/uq2RDYlOLrs

2- Bishop Barron: https://youtu.be/JDBhaeus3Sg

3- Msgr. John Kasza: https://youtu.be/MXprNe1iO_w?list=PLKFcTnVTi4X0kPsPCUiCeL8u-yL9TTU5P

      4- Msgr. John Zenc (USCCB): https://youtu.be/nhWM4LxdAs4?list=PLKFcTnVTi4X0kPsPCUiCeL8u-yL9TTU5P

7) Sacrament of Holy Orders:

1) Fr. Dwyer (Sacraments 101):  https://youtu.be/q904xIwxnSc

2) https://youtu.be/4CJUi55ArXA

3) Msgr. John Zenz (USCCB): https://youtu.be/MWu9PaImjUM

4) Fr. John Williamson: https://youtu.be/5sIX4-lXHuQ